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Russound Burning Bright

Russound CAV on Fire

A Russound CAV whole house audio controller installed in my home started on fire and except for a fluke of timing and some quick work with a fire extinguisher, could have burned down my house and killed my family. I was truly surprised that in the 21st century that expensive home electronics made by Russound and tested by TUV Rheinland of North America could burst into flames. With all the regulation and focus on safety I thought units of this type from well known manufacturers like Russound were virtually fireproof.

Little did I know that I would have a bigger surprise when I learned Russound's reaction to my fire. As you can see the quote below from an email sent by Russound's Vice President, Joe Brouillet, they do not want you to hear my story, but here it is anyhow:

 . . . . I also want to advise you that if you publish and distribute, in any manner, any defamatory information about Russound, we will take whatever action deemed necessary to defend and protect our reputation . . . .

 Joe Brouillet

 Russound Inc.

Russound Catches Fire in Customers Home

Russound Executive Threatens a Law Suit Instead of Investigating Fire Started by Russound CAV

Burned Russound CAV6

Russound CAV6.6 whole house audio controller and the little boy that was sleeping 20 feet away when it burst into flames.

Customer Calls CPSC and Reports Russound CAV6 Fire Despite Threats from Russound Management

On investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, (CPSC) the CPSC issues a recall on Russound CAV6.6.

Click below to see the recall on the Russound CAV on Russound's web site:


Despite the fact that there could be Russound customers with CAV units needing the recall modification, it looks like Russound removed any evidence of the CAV recall from their site.

The author personally knows of two unmodified CAV6.6 units that could potentially endanger their owners and owners family.

Click here to see a local copy of the Russound CAV Recall

Click below to see the Russound CAV recall on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) site.


This page is a search for information as well as a presentation of information, so feel free to email me if you have any insight why consumer electronics can still catch fire or no consumer can tell whether their products are safe from looking at the safety markings on the product.

My Russound CAV6.6 had several safety markings on it, but try to discover if that means your product is safe. My unit says UL 6500 on it, but UL would not tell me what that meant beyond the fact they did not test the unit. They do sell the information for $725.00. It turned out that TUV Rheinland of North America tested the unit.

The Russound audio system in my home consisted of a CAV6.6 with 6 primary audio zones controlled by 6 keypads UNO- S2 and 6 secondary Russound ABus amplified keypads (A-BK1) utilizing a AH-4 four port ABus expansion hub (A-H484), an auxiliary 24vdc power supply Russound A-PS, and a Russound ACT-1 12 volt triggered remote power outlet. Speakers consisted of both Russound speakers and other speakers and included Russound Outback OB-6.1 outdoor speaker. The author does not know if TUV Rheinland tested any of these products beyond the CAV.


The Russound audio system consisted of a Russound CAV unit, Russound keypads, ABus amplified keypads, expansion modules and speakers. TUV Rheinland of North America was the safety testing orginization.

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